Bulk Stockfeeds

Hunters buys and sells a full range of bulk stockfeeds, including grains, by-products, finished feeds, protein meals, pulses, hays and oilseeds. We also sell a large selection of fertiliser in bulk and bags, from leading suppliers including Incitec Pivot and Wengfu.

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Contact Details

Graeme Talarico

Pasture, Horticulture Agronomy
& Animal Nutrition

Stewart Coombes

Commodity Trader
(grain, hay & all stockfeeds)

Cameron Fullager

Commodity Trader
(grain, hay & all stockfeeds)


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Upon request, this form must be completed by growers before grain is picked up, advising of any chemicals applied to crops.

All grain purchase/sales transactions are conducted under the terms of Grain Trade Australia’s Trade Rules Рthis document details all terms and conditions of sale/purchase.

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