Feed Testing Service

Through our relationship with Feed Test, we are now able to offer a full range of testing services through our testing lab based at our Shepparton store. We can provide a premium range of tests, allowing you to accurately find the nutritional value of your stockfeed, whether it be hay, grain, silage or any other stockfeed. We offer a quick and reliable service for you to determine your feed quality, and we back it up with the support of our entire field services team.

For all queries, please contact Denielle Anderson, our feed testing co-ordinator on 0400 215 744 or email her at feedtest@wbhunter.com.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

From minimising weight loss to maximising milk production, there are so many reasons to get a feed test. It simply means you know exactly what you are buying, which helps you build an appropriate feed ration, which all helps you make money and get best value for your inputs – after all, a slight variation in feed can result in tens of thousands of dollars loss to production.

You simply take a number of core samples from your hay, fill in our sample request form and drop it into our Shepparton lab — or drop it into your nearest WB Hunter store and we’ll get it to the lab for you. If you’re not near a store, you can just post it to us! Then we’ll test it and email you an NIR Feed Test report. It’s that easy!

For an accurate sample, it is best to use a hay corer to take a sample from at least ten different bales – avoid taking a “grab” sample, and avoid just choosing the “best” bales. Then mix these in a bucket, and then separate this mix into a small enough size to fit in a WB Hunter sample bag.


Click below to see a detailed guide on how to take the best sample.

Unless requested otherwise, we test all samples using NIR testing, which tests according to FeedTest’s calibration – this is regarded as one of the most accurate in Australia. Internally, all equipment is carefully checked daily to ensure it is operating at its best. Externally, results are cross checked with FeedTest and also cross checked with periodical wet chemistry testing. Our quality assurance practices produce high quality results.


If you're after a detailed breakdown of the overall results, the following seasonal average data is now available:

In addition to our standard NIR tests, we can offer a huge array of other tests, including Wet Chemistry, Minerals, DCAD, Mycotoxins and Chemical Residue tests, among many others. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Our tests are highly regarded by all buyers and will be an asset if you wish to sell your hay yourself. If you wish to sell your hay, you’ll be happy to know that every lot of hay tested by us is added to our database and given priority by our salespeople. Why not let us do the work to sell your hay – it’s a bargain service for the price of a feed test!


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Take a look at our informative brochure about why you should test your feed!