Insul Batt Wall FirmaSoft R2.0 1160x580x90mm (12.1m2)


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New FirmaSoft™ insulation batts by Fletcher Insulation have been designed and manufactured to combine the perfect balance between softness and firmness. They are soft to handle, yet fit firm in place, ensuring installation is a breeze, while providing maximum long-term performance.

Manufactured in Australia using a new low dust formula and up to 80% recycled content, FirmaSoft™ batts will help improve the energy efficiency and comfort within the home. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing they come with a lifetime performance warranty. FirmaSoft™ is ideal for DIY and builders, making insulating a home easier than ever before.

* Soft to handle
* Stay firmly in place
* Low dust formula
* Made in Australia
* Up to 80% recycled content
* Non-combustible



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