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Red Alert Wall
In areas facing extremes of temperature and dry winds, Red Alert Wall provides a stable, straight and consistent solution. The stability of Red Alert eliminates the need for packing and straightening during the build. It can substitute for MGP 10 and MGP 12 and its increased capacity may allow for wider stud spacing and smaller jamb studs.

Red Alert wall is a H2S treated LVL used for wall framing studs, plates and noggings.

No twists, no warps and no shrinkage
Coloured “Red” for easy identification
Strong and light Laminated Veneer Lumber
Glue-line H2S treatment as per AS/NZS 1604.4
Lengths 2.4 -12.0 m (please check availability on lengths greater than 9.0 m)

Please note: This is not an external product and should not be used for decking situations.

For further information regarding this product please download our brochure.

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