Multimin Injection For Sheep & Cattle 500ml (Copper Free).

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MULTIMIN is a unique 3 in 1 trace mineral injection that makes your stock ‘performance ready’ by improving fertility and immunity.
MULTIMIN enhances antioxidant systems to improve the health and performance of livestock.
MULTIMIN is rapidly-absorbed, readily-utilised and provides prolonged antioxidant action to cover ‘high demand’ periods.
MULTIMIN is scientifically-proven to improve health and performance of livestock.

Increasing the number of calves born earlier in the season, giving them an extra 20 to 40 days to perform to the best of their genetic potential
Improving all three parts of the immune system to make livestock ‘performance ready’.

Boosts availability of essential trace minerals in ‘high demand’ periods
Absorbed into the blood within 8 hours and the liver within 24 hours
Prolonged antioxidant action for months
Balanced, chelated, and water-based formulation
Can be used up to nine months after opening

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