Snake Repeller Sonic Guard Solar/LED Light

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Pulsating vibration travels through the ground and ensures maximum effectiveness on snakes
Includes integrated path light
Weatherproof construction
Solar Powered, includes 1 x solar rechargeable battery (replaceable)
Effective over 25m2 area
Solar powered snake repeller emits frequently changing pulsations and vibrations through the ground up to 25m2 radius from the point of installation of the snake repeller.

Snakes sense and perceive the vibrations as a predatory threat and leave the area.

The vibration frequency of 400hz is harmless to humans, cats and dogs is emitted every three (3) seconds for fifty (50) seconds. The vibration style changes every two days to prevent any snake familiarisation.

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Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 90.00 × 31.50 × 15.70 cm


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